Nautimus presents: Islandi Pianist

Aeg: Oct 21, 2016. 21:00

Pilet: 6 eurot Sooduspilet 4 eurot (tudengid, õpilased, pensionärid)

Ingi Bjarni Skúlason – Piano/ Andres Alaru – double bass/ Tanel Ruben – drums

Skúlason-Alaru-Ruben trio is an international group, which is characterised by a modern open sound and nordic atmospheres. The traditional jazz langugae, which unites all these musicians, has also a very important role to play. Ingi Bjarni Skúlason and Andres Alaru have both studied in the Hague, where they have met on several stages in all kinds of different circumstances. Tanel Ruben is a drummer, who has become one of Estonia’s most influential and famous jazz drummers known as an extremely active and versatile musician.

Nautimus presents: Paul Neitsov & Ruslan Trochynskyi

Aeg: Sep 20, 2016. 11:58

Pilet: 4/ 6 eur

Legendary Ukrainian folk rock musician, the charismatic leader of the band Svjata Vatra- Ruslan Trochynskyi performing with a young, but talented artist from Tartu- Paul Neitsov. In other words, Ruslan Trochynskyi & Paul Neitsov – The Holy Fire Duo!